Uber | Climate Adaptation Project


My team brought together Uber (I'm sure you know what they do), a local non-profit focused on climate change education, EcoAdapt, and a hovercraft manufacturer, Amphibious Marine, and pitched them an idea. Let's join forces and educate people on how big of a problem climate change will be over the next 100 years, and more importantly, what people as individuals can do about it in their daily lives.

We created an interactive website with maps of of sea level rise for all the major U.S. cities, information for people to learn how to adapt to climate change, and a toolkit to get people started on their path to sustainable living. We gave every UberPool rider the chance to win one of 10 spots on a guided hovercraft tour around the Seattle area and had a team of climatologists at the final event to teach the riders, and the public that hung around the event, about climate adaptation.


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