Amazon Fire TV + YouTube | Whatever you’re into


Amazon has a rocky relationship with Google, especially when it comes to having Google apps on Amazon devices. What people don’t seem to know is that Amazon has created workarounds for their customers to be able to access vital content like YouTube on all of their Fire TV devices.

Amazon hired my team to create a cross-platform campaign of static and video content to run on display, native, and social media. I art directed and edited three 15-second videos focusing on three key YouTube markets, beauty, sports, and food, as well as art directed a larger production of a thirty-second video that focused on the feeling of how people experience YouTube content together in their living room.

The campaign is currently running but I will update this page with results once we finish the media plan.


Whatever you’re into | :30

Whatever you’re into | :15 | Sports

Whatever you’re into | :15 | Food

Whatever you’re into | :15 | Beauty