Amazon Fire TV | Recast


What could be better than finally cutting the cord? How about cutting the cord and keeping your shows? Amazon needed to run a campaign for Fire TV Recast before the holiday rush, but only had two weeks to do it. I knew they didn’t have the time nor budget to pull off net new videos to promote Recast, so I took one of their previous product videos and cut it into something more consumable and interesting.

I cut together both a 15-second and 30-second video with new music, voiceover, and faster pace editing that is meant to intrigue the viewer and get them to click through to the Recast product page, where they can learn more about what the product is and why it is such a revolutionary product in the era of cord cutting.

The campaign is currently running but I will update this page with results once we finish the media plan.


Recast | :15

Recast | :30